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Questions? Answers!

What should I bring?

Apart from your personal belongings and gear linked to the activities of your chosen holiday, remember to bring some light shoes to wear on board (plimsoles, Croc’s or flip-flops), a head-torch (even with the midnight sun, you will use it as extra lighting in your cabin), a Gore-Tex waterproof jacket, a hat and gloves to enjoy sitting outside, a towel, biodegradables shower gels, a few good books… Sheets and duvets are provided and your berth will be ready when you board; you must nevertheless bring a silk or cotton sleeping-bag liner. Please note: rigid suitcases take too much room and can’t be stored on the boat, so do use big flexible bags such as duffle-bags or rucksacks.

What about meals?

All meals will be provided during your trip. The crew pays particular attention to the products quality and will cook restorative meals. The small extras brought by everyone and shared with all are always welcome!

I suffer from sea-sickness, will this ruin my holiday?

We all react differently but you should be able to fully enjoy your trip on KAMAK. Most of the time, the boat will sail sheltered waters (fjords, bays) and spend the night in quiet moorings. Depending on the trip and destination, we may have to spend a few hours sailing open waters to go from one fjord to another. Bad meteorological conditions (wind and swell) may create more or less strong pitching and tossing. Lay down and stay warm in your cabin as soon as you start feeling unwell and this should help you overcome those difficult moments. After just a few days, you will have found your sea legs.

Will I be able to shower on board?

There is a fantastic hot shower on KAMAK. But we are limited by the amount of water we carry: depending on the length of your stay, the number of passengers and the possibility -or not- to refill, everyone will be vigilant to make sure we can all shower regularly. The crew will be able to indicate the right frequency.

Will I be able to recharge my devices?

KAMAK has many European plugs (220V) so no problem… as long as you’ve remembered to bring your cables and marked them to avoid mixing them up with others’.

What happens if my clothes get wet?

Indeed, this can happen. We have a heated cupboard where you can put your socks, gloves, ski boot liners, etc… Should we all get drenched, we will use all our resources and the boat’s excellent heating system to make sure everything dries up before the next morning!

Will I be able to always be in contact with my loved ones?

While in Europe, including Norway, Spitzbergen and Iceland, there is good mobile coverage and the roaming charges have recently been cancelled (do still check with your operator), enabling you to use your mobile (data included) as if at home. But KAMAK goes to places which are increasingly remote and, particularly in Spitzbergen, can spend several days without network coverage. You can nevertheless pay the crew an SMS-voice mail flat fee (using the ship’s Iridium satellite system). In those isolated areas, you won’t be able to access your emails or send photos and videos but, will always be able to make contact in case of emergency. Being cut off from the world is part of the adventure!